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Summer Golden Ale

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Sitting here in the midst of a west coast winter, thinking about this beer brings memories of summer flooding back. Admittedly, it’s been a very easy winter – hardly any rain and plenty of sunshine. Nonetheless, I’m looking forward to summer and reflecting on this beer is a great way to prepare for the summer ahead.

Being a fan of the golden ales brewed by Conrad and Tak at Steamworks (apologies for such a crappy link), I wanted to brew something similar, albeit more citrusy, without becoming an India Session Ale. I kept the malt bill simple and decided to forgo bittering hops in lieu of a hop burst at 10 minutes.

The result was a very quaffable golden ale that I enjoyed through June and July. I was particularly happy with this beer because drinking it back to back with a pro golden ale showed that I can produce something of comparable quality on the homebrew scale. It might seem like a small achievement, but it’s taken a lot of work to get to this point.

I’m going to forgo the usual BJCP-esque tasting notes since I didn’t take any back in the summer. Instead, here are a couple of check-ins from Untappd that will need to do. Rest assured, I’ll be doing another batch of this beer again this summer. Maybe with a touch of Simcoe?




Summer Golden Ale Recipe

Wort Volume Before Boil: 7.00 US gals
Wort Volume After Boil: 6.10 US gals
Volume Transferred: 6.00 US gals
Volume At Pitching: 6.00 US gals
Final Batch Volume: 5.00 US gals
Expected Pre-Boil Gravity: 1.033 SG
Actual Pre-Boil Gravity: 1.036 SG
Expected OG: 1.038 SG
Actual OG: 1.041 SG
Expected FG: 1.009 SG
Actual FG: 1.010 SG
Expected Efficiency: 60.0%
Actual Efficiency: 65.3%
Expected ABV: 3.8%
Actual ABV: 4.1%
Expected IBU: 30
Expected Color: 4.4 SRM
Boil Duration: 60 mins

Gambrinus Pale Malt 10.00 lb – 90.9%
Munich Malt – 1.00 lb – 9.1%

Amarillo (10.4% alpha) 28 g – 10 mins
Citra (14.1% alpha) 28 g – 10 mins

Other Ingredients
Yeast: Wyeast 1056 American Ale
Mashed at 152F

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