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#OSCON – One tiny daemon to harvest your server statistics (and more)

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  • Presenter: Brandon Philips, Rackspace
  • External monitoring: ping, nmap, curl. Lest we forget nagios, ganglia, cacti, zenoss, noitd
  • Internal monitoring: scripts gathering stats, pushing to a monitoring server
  • Beware cron’d monitoring agents – not going to help you much during panic conditions.  Whereas a daemon, you might be able to communicate with it.
  • Overview: agent runs in the cloud, with TLS connection to a stud in each datacentre
  • Rackspace’s monitoring agent is Virgo
    • Designed for low memory usage
    • Simple secure ‘proxyable’ protocol
    • High level scripting language
    • Designed to be statically linked
    • Avoided C++, used Lua instead (JavaScript’s long lost Brazilian cousin)
    • SSL + JSON newline delimitted + JSONRPC-esque
    • libuv
    • luvit
    • luajit
    • Lua code lives in a single zip file. Makes it easy to do upgrades and reduces presence on a client’s host.
    • Sigar for gathering system metrics.
  • Virgo agent uses ~5mb memory, less than python (~9mb), ruby (~15mb) or c++ (~20mb)
  • Slides posted here

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