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#OSCON – Performance Tuning with Cheap Drink and Poor Tools

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  • Presenter: Kirk Pepperdine, JClarity
  • Why is my application slow?
    • Duh, you’re waiting for something.  Possibly resource oversubscription.
    • Application profilers are good at finding out what your application is doing…  but if the app isn’t doing anything, it doesn’t help much.
    • So you need to broaden your toolset.
    • You need to understand what’s happening within the JVM.
  • Conceptual Model
    • Actors – with usage patterns
    • Application – locks, external systems
    • JVM – memory, process
    • Hardware/OS – CPU, memory, disk i/o, network
  • Things We Need
    • Environment that is just like production
    • Monitoring
    • Data (feed the beast!)
    • Test harness
  • You need to be careful that you don’t get lead in the wrong direction when analyzing a performance issue.
  • Beware database caching in your test environment – you won’t be testing with the same execution plans you see in your production environment.
  • You need to have production levels of data and users.
  • If the app is slow and CPU is not 100%, what is keeping the task out of the CPU?
    • Execution profiling
    • JVM: memory profiling
    • OS: bad app/OS interaction -> resource monitoring
    • Nothing: thread starvation -> thread inventory
  • Tools

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