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#OSCON – Develop and Test Configuration Management Scripts with Vagrant

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  • Presenter: Mitchell Hashimoto
  • Gave a similar talk at Velocity 2012, but it was a much larger time slot.
  • From the ops perspective
    • Testing configuration management changes is a repetitive, inefficient process of deploy, test, deploy, test…
    • The feedback loop is slow and it discourages incremental development.  Further, it’s not real automation.
  • From the dev perspective:
    • It’s unlikely that you have a setup script for your local sandbox.  So you’re installing in a different way than production.  The configuration gap will be painful later.
    • And what if devs want to work on different platforms than what’s used in production?
    • Sure, you could try an uber readme with instructions on how to get things setup…  but it’s error prone and requires a lot of maintenance.  Not to mention, people will get apathetic about following the instructions.
    • To boot, devs aren’t too keen on spending their time setting up environments – they want to develop.
    • All in all, productivity failure.
  • Development setup is an operations problem.
  • When you’re paying developers, it’s grossly expensive and inefficient to have them stuck in this mess.
  • A solution, is to use local VMs.  Developers can use whatever platform they like and ops can model the complexities of the production environment.
  • And….  no more (or fewer) “it works on my machine” type statements.
  • Mitchell’s recommendation is Vagrant (likely, given he’s the author).
  • Configured properly, all a developer need sis one command: vagrant up
    • Create VM
    • Configure VM
    • Configure networking and file system
    • Provisions the guest
  • VMs exist in the context of a Vagrant ‘project’, ie. vagrantfile
  • For automated provisioning, Vagrant supports shell, Puppet, Chef and coming soon – CFEngine.
  • vagrant provision makes the iterative testing of configuration management changes sooo much easier.

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July 19, 2012 at 5:42 pm

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