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#OSCON – Scaling Community by Nurturing Leaders

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  • Presenter: Meghan Gill from 10gen (ie. MongoDB)
  • Fostering community is a core goal at 10gen.
  • Identify core people in the community who can broadcast your message – ‘MongoDB Masters’
  • MongoDB Masters get early access to features, news, and other developments.  They’re the go-to group of community leaders.
  • Messages are more powerful coming from a person, rather than a company.
  • Empower and encourage users to share their stories (prizes help)
  • Mongo DB User Groups
    • Economically, there is a ROI in nurturing leaders.  But there isn’t really a playbook for executing a community strategy.
    • Comparing costs of a user group ($3,575) vs a trade show ($9,725) – it makes more sense to go with a user group, especially when you look at the value of the return.  To boot, the returns persist longer than a trade show.
    • A user group can eventually become self-sustainable.  So up-front, you have to make a bit of an investment, but longer term you’ll see better returns.
    • 10gen organizes a lot of conferences.  Some cities don’t get much in the way of tech conferences, so this can raise quite a bit of excitement.
    • After the conferences, 10gen watched for the people who arrive early, stay late, actively participate – these are the people you want running your user group.
    • 10gen offers financial and logistical support ( fees, pizza, finding meeting locations, etc.)
    • Best practices are key.  Guides for running groups; getting other user group leaders to share their experiences on blogs; etc
    • Tools
      • account
      • Mailing lists for organizers
      • Swag
      • Docs
    • Currently: 50 user groups and 8,000 members.
    • Looking at developing regional user group coordinators given the growing size of their user groups.
    • 10gen looking to engage the user groups in testing activities or min-development sprints.  But generally, the groups are focused on driving adoption.
  • MongoDB Masters
    • Inspired by Microsoft MVP
    • Started small w/ 30 people
    • Held a Masters Summit to meet face-to-face, an unconference
    • The Summit generated a lot of excitement, but it was hard to maintain that momentum.
    • Lessons learned
      • Keep inviting new people to keep ideas fresh
      • Organize sub-groups over Google Hangout and IRC
      • Regional events and leader meetings

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