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#OSCON – How the Tools and Philosophies of Open Source Will Save Education

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  • Presenter: Kurt Bollacker
  • Elements of adaptable systems in education:
    • Mutable
    • Varied
    • Scalable
    • Cheap
  • We now have inexpensive and ubiquitous storage, bandwidth, computation, communication and the open licensing of media.  But it’s not enough…
  • Let’s stop thinking of education as an industry, rather, think of it as an ecosystem of open source projects.
  • There’s a layer mismatch between education and open source.  Our educational systems are a slow moving layer, trying to leverage a dynamic and faster layer.
  • Open source culture is really about participation.
  • Open source is about delivery rather than meeting everyone’s requirements
  • How to implement open source culture in education?
    • Administer
    • Evangelize
    • Engineer
    • Educate
  • The digital public data commons is well underway.
  • How do we engineer:  scalable, varied, and mutable?
    • Collaboration
      • Scalable (ie. wikipedia / github)
      • Easy to contribute
      • Asynchronous
      • Socially decentralized (bazaar, not cathedral)
    • Information organization
      • Fine grained forking/versioning (per school/district/state/classroom/student)
      • Strong identifiers
      • Strong attribution and provenance of assertions
      • Support for disagreement
      • Durable over time
      • Metadata is first class data
    • Documentation and support
      • Practical examples (e.g. recipes and how-tos)
      • Deeply support discussion and interaction
      • Migration path from common initial states
      • Identify gaps
  • How do we start?
    • Try things
    • Don’t be afraid of mistakes
    • Buy in for the long haul – don’t expect a short term pay-off.
    • Jump onto an existing bandwagon rather than starting anew

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