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#BbW12 – Discovering Free Building Blocks

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  • Presenter: Melissa Stange
  • Not going to list all the Building Blocks that were discussed.  Just those that are new to me:
    • Course Life – helps manage the lifecycle of courses and archiving
    • Disk Usage – self explanatory
    • Student Map – shows a map of where students are accessing the course
    • bFree – open and extract content from Bb archive files
  • Audience question about how much work is required to test community-developed Building Blocks.  Melissa commented it’s not a big deal…  and I agree generally.  They’re super easy to deploy and test.  But I’ve seen more than a few that present data disclosure and/or security risks.  There really needs to be a code review when you’re deploying open source Building Blocks.  Open source licenses usually include a limitation of liability clause – it’s there for a reason!  I’m wondering if this might be a good thing for the broader community to work on, a checklist for reviewing Building Blocks?

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July 11, 2012 at 8:55 am

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