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#BbW12 DevCon – How to Turn the Lights on Your Blackboard Learn with Zabbix

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  • Presenter: Noriaki Tatsumi
  • A big benefit of Zabbix is that it runs outside your application and stores data away from production
  • Why Zabbix and not Nagios?  Smaller effort to setup, template based, better capabilities, support for JMX, easily extended.
  • Custom screens allow you to group graphs / data as you like.
  • Similar to Nagios, has triggers and alerting capabilities.
  • Bb uses Zabbix for monitoring / trending for SafeAssign and performance forensics.
  • Learn template for Zabbix available for download on Edugarage (thank you very much Noriaki!)
  • Unfortunately, active sessions included in the template are across the application – not by node.  This is because the active sessions are being pulled from the database.
  • In Learn 9.1 SP10, cache statistics will be exposed via JMX: hit ratio, misses, hits, in memory hits, on disk hits.
  • Need to install Monitoring Extension Building Block for statistics and security data – exposes additional security data over JMX.
  • Noriaki says not to worry too much about JMX authN or SSL, just restrict at the network level.
  • Script to deploy Zabbix agents to hosts, also provided.
  • Zabbix being used to monitor performance in Bb’s continuous integration environment.
  • Best practices:
    • Don’t sample more data than you need
    • Don’t keep history and trend data longer than necessary
    • Use percentile line on charts where applicable
    • Graph all functions (min, max, avg) to indicate outliers
    • Don’t create triggers that get ignored
    • Self monitor Zabbix
    • Have a maintenance and backup/restore plan.
  • Good audience question – Could you store the 95th percentile as part of trending data?
  • Apache metrics not included, but it’s something that the community could work on and contribute to the template.

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