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#BbW12 DevCon – Developing Building Blocks Using Modern Web Frameworks

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  • Presenter: David Ashman
  • It’s easier to find a developer who knows Spring and Hibernate…  rather than Struts.
  • Bb PD has adopted Spring as their standard framework for new Building Blocks
  • The key to using Spring is permissions:
    • ReflectPermission
    • accessDeclaredMembers
    • createClassLoader
    • setContextClassLoader
    • to java.home/lib
  • To hook Spring into Bb, there’s a custom auto wire.
  • Hibernate and JPA are not intended to replace Learn DAOs
  • But they are intended for extended schemas within Building Blocks
  • Don’t use Hibernate to auto generate schemas
  • Avoid direct schema dependencies and relationships with core Learn schemas – it may break in an upgrade.
  • Left wondering if there’s an opportunity to use the Play framework within Building Blocks?
  • Slides to be posted on EduGarage post-conference.

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July 9, 2012 at 10:12 am

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