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BbWorld 2011 – Levaraging the Blackboard Mobile SDK and Mobile Community to Develop Custom Mobile Apps

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  • Two Mobile Central SDK options: 1) Embed another app in your Mobile Central app; 2) Use OpenURL to launch app/mobile web
  • Clemson has added a Public Service Announcements mobile web app to their Mobile Central.  Also planning to build a mobile web app for students to find computer labs with available stations.  Also considering a laundry app to find available washers/dryers.
  • Western Kentucky added an iOS app called Dollars to show various campus balances: Big Red Dollars, Dining Dollars, Meal Plan Dollars, Meals.
  • Stanford working on a number of apps:  CreditU, Analytics, Coming Soon, Treevia, Graduation, Explore, eDocuments, AskJane, ID, GoTourIt.  Largely built by contractors/consultants and vendors:  Metaneer, MeLLmo (Roambi), Sntial Technologies, IntelliResponse, GoTourIt.
  • Sam mentioned that the University of Michigan holds an annual mobile apps challenge – I like the idea.  Could also be applied to Building Blocks or LTI tools.  Would love to organize something like this.
  • Sam recommends The Big Nerd Ranch for iOS training.
  • Was hoping this session would have some demos rather than just screenshots.
  • Stanford encouraging students to start their own companies to build mobile apps.  Offers assistance with procurement processes etc – an education in and of itself.
  • But I’m left wondering…  what would it cost to build the functionality in Mobile Central?  What’s the value?  If you’re able to build mobile web apps that you’re adding to Mobile Central – why not do it all?  (Yes, I understand the answer is usually $$$ – but if you’re able to develop mobile web apps??)

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July 12, 2011 at 4:16 pm

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  1. Jeff – you can find more about the SDK (technical details and more examples) here:


    July 17, 2011 at 7:49 pm

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