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BbWorld 2011 – Life After WebCT (Or Angel)

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Scott Kodai and Laura Sederberg are some of my favourite people to see every year at BbWorld – they’re extremely knowledgeable.  One of these days, I’ll make the trip down to Chico for a visit (and maybe the Sierra Nevada brewery).

  • Laura made a comment about wanting to resurrect the WebCT Institutes program.  I have a feeling that Blackboard believes they’ve already addressed that need with their various community programs.  But as someone who participated in Institutes, I understand the desire to bring it back
  • Initial LMS evaluation in 2009, re-evaluated in 2010, and implementing in 2011.  Not much faculty interest in Desire2Learn or Sakai.
  • Slide deck has a mind map of the project.
  • Overall evaluation results were a slight preference for Blackboard over Moodle across almost all tool categories.
  • Scott provided a great overview of the differentiators between Blackboard and Moodle.  Simply put – Learn is a better fit to Chico’s environment.  Simple migration.  Added value from Content and Community modules. Stakeholders expressed slight preference for Blackboard.
  • Students wrote the code for Chico’s migration program.
  • Contracted with Kathy Saville for training rather than Blackboard – a testament to Kathy’s extensive knowledge of Learn and the transition from Vista.  Likewise for technical training, they contracted with Chris Bray.
  • Minimal notes needed for this session, because the kind Chico folks have so much available on their website and blog.

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