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Blackboard DevCon 2011 – Integration Between Learn 9, Vista 8, Others, and PeopleSoft

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I always make a point to check out Chris Greenough‘s presentations at BbWorld.  Besides being a fun guy to hang out with, Chris likes to *do* stuff, he’s smart, and his presentations are to-the-point.  In this one, he talks about NAU’s integration setup:

  • Goal was to build something that is loosely coupled to inbound data sources and outbound end points.
  • Started with Java and ServiceMix, quickly ditched that and went with something lighter-weight.
  • Learn 9 web services work to some extent for integration…  but throw errors on updates and categories.  Also a bit slow.
  • Using internally developed Python web service bindings to use Learn’s web services.
  • New LIS interface will hopefully be a better route than the web services.
  • Everything is IMS Enterprise 1.1
  • Slide deck has some good diagrams showing the structure of the inbound / outbound sources.
  • Used for Learn 9, Moodle, iTunesU, etc.
  • Any fields can be overridden in an LMS_OVERRIDE_INFO table w/ TABLE_NAME, TABLE_ID, FIELD, VALUE
  • All overrides are global.  But a later version might be tool-specific.
  • Chris would like to re-do this using Twisted.

Edit – Chris has posted the slide deck.


Written by jlongland

July 11, 2011 at 11:09 pm

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