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Blackboard DevCon 2011 – Adding LTI Support to Learning Applications

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The capacity planning session wrapped up early, so I wandered around the corner to see what Stephen Vickers is up to.

  • Generic PHP Tool Producer class to support BasicLTI integrations.  Also supports draft full LTI.
  • Two draft implementations for full LTI in the wild : Moodle (via EILE) and Blackboard Learn (news to me? need to follow-up on this)
  • Common integration requirements: single sign-on, automatic provisioning of users/contexts, role-based permissions, synchronizing groups, update gradebook, communications with students
  • Issues surrounding Tool Producer implementations: tool context management, sharing contexts, roster synch, returning grades, messaging subsystem, tracking data, look and feel
  • Stephen: If I was integrating tools, I’d use Basic LTI.
  • Interesting audience question: “When should I use Basic LTI vs Building Blocks?” Stephen’s answer: Really depends on the tool, your environment, and your requirements.
  • Dr. Chuck offered some comments as well.  He sees Building Blocks as deep integrations (largely admin-focused) and LTI as a means of integrating earning tools (e.g. NoteFlight)
  • Learning tools, in the current world, need to have some awareness of the various roles that may be incoming from the different systems offering LTI support

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July 11, 2011 at 7:06 pm

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