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Where in the world is Jeffrey Sandiego?

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I feel so ashamed as a blogger, here is yet another post where I find myself apologizing for being a bad blogger. I’ll forgo the long spiel, but I’ll outline some changes to try and get me off the blogging wayside. First up, minor excuses – it’s been a busy year. Visited Boston for a week, probably will never get around to writing that up. Nice city, would go back – didn’t have enough time to explore. Also took my first trip over the Pacific to visit Australia – I will definitely get around to writing up the trip because I felt deeply changed upon my return. And I’ve been trying to spend less time in front of a computer. More on that later.

So.. As for getting off the wayside. My blog up to this point has been unsatisfying to me and likely to any readers. There’s no content, but apparently a number of YouTube clips for Neil Young and Ted Leo. So I am banishing such minor content from the blog, instead I’m going to funnel my chitter chatter into Twitter – see the handy sidebar widget. I also posted links, those are now banished as well – with an exception. I use Firefox everywhere I go, so I’ve installed the delicious extension and religiously use it for all my bookmarking. So instead of posting links, I’m going to post daily summaries of the links I post to delicious. The idea is to centralize around the blog, integrate it into my day-to-day… which I’ve sadly failed to do in the past. Blog content from this point forward should be semi-substantial tutorials or thoughtful reflections. My long running complaint about blogs has been those that lack content and offer only white noise (or worse) to the community. Somehow I’ve become what I hate. So consider this a manifesto of sorts. It’s a brave new world of blogging!

Finally.. I need to be less of a perfectionist – and just write. It’s why I’m slow writing papers… emails… anything. I obsess. So I’m going to endeavour to loosening my verbal bowels a little… maybe a little diarrhea isn’t so bad.


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April 7, 2008 at 10:51 pm

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