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While Searching Something Else

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While searching for log4j Chainsaw updates re: VFS support, I came across a post on Oliver’s blog (initial author of Chainsaw) that related to an issue I came across a few years ago. My post to the log4j-users mailing list was related to concerns about log4j socket appenders potentially deadlocking the application server – in this case, WebLogic 8.1. A few months later Oliver encountered the problem – which is what I stumbled upon today. So the point of this post? Don’t use socket appenders on a production system – although I thoroughly advocate their use on dev/qa environments. The other point, it’s a small world after all.


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November 26, 2007 at 2:15 pm

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  1. I should qualify this with the fact that I don’t really know what I’m talking about, and you probably know much more about this than me. That said, at least I’m contributing!

    If you want meaningful data, shouldn’t you be appending locally anyway? AFAIK, if SocketAppender loses its connection, you lose all events until reconnection.

    “Coming along from the network standpoint,” isn’t it preferable to ‘pull’ when you need, rather than ‘push’ all the time? Does SocketAppender encrypt the serialized object, so as not to “fall by the security wayside”? Annnnnnnd I’ve lost my mind.


    December 3, 2007 at 2:10 pm

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