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Netbeans (J)Ruby Support

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Ruby on Rails has been the hot topic for nearly a year, but I haven’t really looked at it any detail… until today when I noticed that Roumen has recorded two demos of Ruby support in Netbeans 6.0. I’m very impressed, at both RoR *and* Netbeans. RoR is everything that I’ve heard it is… but bringing it in under the Netbeans umbrella is the really great thing. I’ve been using Netbeans for years – early 3.x versions if I recall correctly. The product has evolved extensively over the last two years and I implore anyone frustrated with Eclipse to give Netbeans a spin. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed (or I hope you won’t be).

And… where else can you go to have a demo that sounds like it’s delivered by a CIA operative? Roumen is the best!


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March 5, 2007 at 1:08 pm

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  1. As a Ruby on Rails user/enthusiast myself, I have some thoughts if you want to learn it.

    – First, learn Ruby. It’s an awesome language in it’s own right, and you may use it for a lot of other things. You’ll want to read Why’s Poignant Guide to Ruby (, complete with cartoons and narration. TryRuby ( offers a basic tutorial, complete with an interactive ruby console in your browser for immediate satisfaction.

    – Next, learn Rails. Pretty much everyone recommends “Agile Web Development with Rails” 2nd ed. as the best source for this. I’ve read it and still refer to it. There’s also a comprehensive wiki.

    – Try Ruby natively, rather than JRuby. Say goodbye to the ugliness of java tracebacks. InstantRails provides Ruby, Rails, Apache, and MySQL in one (

    -The Rails core team all use TextMate (rather than Netbeans), as well as the majority of Rails developers do. You’ll produce code quickly.

    – I realize it was more a Netbeans demo, but Roumen missed out on some things which make Rails elegant. For instance, you should generate migrations for table creation. RoR is database agnostic, so you should never have to see nasty ass SQL, like the stuff he pasted.


    September 5, 2007 at 5:03 pm

  2. Give Netbeans a little more time – they’re steadily making progress with Ruby. Story in Slashdot recently about this:

    Have started working with Ruby on some Second Life RegAPI stuff, but just poking around thus far.

    And what do you mean “nasty ass SQL” ??? SQL is beautiful! I love it – so structured.


    October 29, 2007 at 10:33 pm

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