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Live Music ala YouTube

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My YouTube consumption is increasing. I really enjoy live music and typically I can find many a great bootleg at the Live Music Archive over at but now I’ve realized YouTube’s potential for audio and video bootlegs. First it started out with some Death Cab for Cutie at Massey Hall:

And then it was into some old school Creedence Clearwater Revival:

And do you see any similarities between CCR and Ted Leo?

So what the hell am I driving at, rather than regurgitating my favs from YouTube… Well, I’m amazed by the sheer amount and variety of content available on YouTube and the connections that it allows people to make. For me, I’m able to connect with a live concert that may have occurred miles or years from where I am. I think this is the essence of the Web 2.0 video clip I posted a few days ago. Technology enabling social activity. At this moment, I’m steadfast in my belief that technology does *not* isolate. It certainly has that potential, but swinging the other way, there’s considerable potential for it to connect the world.


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February 12, 2007 at 11:35 am

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