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Will work kill you?

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In the employment sense of the word, maybe, just maybe… But in the other sense of the word, ie. perspiration, I think work bears fruit. In looking at some of my current idols, their work and activism are recurring traits that I aspire to. In particular, look at the prolific works of Noam Chomsky and Bertrand Russell. Hundreds of published works, many more likely unpublished, and a plethora of speaking engagements. Both of these men are tremendously inspirational for me. If you haven’t watched Manufacturing Consent, you should, especially since it’s located on YouTube start-to-finish. The last segment has a quote that I love starting at 7:22 – “The point is that you have to work. And that’s why the propaganda system is so successful. Very few people are going to have the time or the energy or the commitment that’s required…”

Turning to more of a pop culture icon (at least relative to Russell and Chomsky) – I’m a big fan of Ted Leo and the Pharmacists. If you’re not familiar, they’re a good ol’ rock’n’roll band. If we want to split hairs, they’re a fusion of punk, rockabilly, and activism. In the clip below, Ted talks about being a rock star and how at the end of the day – it all comes down to hard work.

Keep on workin’ in the free world folks!


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February 5, 2007 at 12:04 pm

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