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[WebCT Impact 2006] Service-Oriented Approaches, Web Services, and the Integrated Learning Architecture

Choosing a session to attend at the WebCT conference is no small task. I have five sessions during this timeslot that I would like to attend – I wish WebCT/Blackboard would provide podcasts of sessions. Anyhoo, as you can see from the title I’m in a technical session. Chris Vento, former CTO of WebCT is comparing eLearning 1.0 vs 2.0.  Of particular interest is his slide Potential Factors for the Next Generation SDK:

  • WS/JS interfaces
  • Service abstraction and interfaces for meta-level, inter-suite application, and system integration points
  • Continued evolution of component oriented frameworks and “connectors” to facilitate flexible integrations

I’m interested in how this will evolve.  My understanding of the current Blackboard Building Blocks is that the SDK is more about accessing modules/internal resources inside Blackboard rather than application bridges as exist currently in the Vista PowerLinks SDK.  If anyone out there can comment more about Building Blocks, please do as my understanding is limited.
Standards are a hot topic as well.  At the end of the session there was some discussion about mixing and matching components from the Next Generation product with other systems like Moodle or Sakai.  For example, integrating a WebCT/Blackboard Learning Outcomes system with Moodle.  Interesting…


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