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WebCT Vista 4/CE6 Application Pack 1

Woke up this morning to a handful of automated messages from WebCT about various feature requests that have been included in the Vista 4/CE6 Application Pack 1. I wasn’t aware that WebCT had posted info publically about this pack yet, so I’m pretty jazzed to see an official feature list rather than grapevine mumblings. Some really interesting features coming up:

  • Class blogs
  • Student journals
  • Class roster that allows students to have a profile
  • Grading rubrics
  • Date rollover for instructors to easily update dates from term-to-term
  • Administrator “enroll me option” (LONG OVERDUE!!!)
  • Customizable environment/settings

I know a lot of the naysayers will pipe up to say that most of these features can be accomplished using other tools. Yes, I know (d’uh). It’s the integrated nature of these tools that excites me. WebCT listens to their users. WebCT has been paying attention to current trends. WebCT is trying to take the best points of social networks and bring that inside the walled garden that is the average LMS. I see these as positive steps towards a better VLE that puts the student in the driver’s seat.

My happiness is somewhat restrained though. I’ve heard that this pack has been in the works for some time and going through the features I noticed a few that I thought were destined for Vista 5… so I was a little surprised to see them in this application pack. Perhaps this application pack is essentially the culmination of features/plans that were afoot prior to the Blackboard acquisition?


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June 30, 2006 at 7:26 pm

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