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Proprietary Podcasting Hype in an RSS World

The hype surrounding podcasting continues to grow. I can’t go through a day without having a conversation with someone about some aspect of podcasting. One year ago that certainly wasn’t the case. While discussing podcasting today, someone remarked that there’s as much pedagogical value as the audio cassettes that were discarded in favour of ‘e-learning’ due to a lack of engagement. Throughout the day I’ve been pondering the remark and I have to disagree. One of the benefits of podcasting is the delivery vehicle – hence the ‘casting’ suffix. The ability to easily broadcast recently created content – I suspect that updating 200 sets of audio tape lectures is considerably more time consuming than uploading a file that will be automatically pushed out through an RSS feed. iPods and MP3 players are integrated into the lives of many students, delivering educational or edutainment content over the medium seems like an ideal way to enhance the student experience. There seems to be a lot of focus on podcasting for delivery of lectures – but little focus on the uses of iPods and MP3 players in student assignments or exercises – see Michelle Lamberson‘s recent post about an audio tour of Stanley Park. See Gardner Campbell‘s There’s Something in The Air for other great examples of how podcasting can integrate into the lives of both students and instructors.

So where the heck am I going with this proprietary hype topic? Well, everytime I write, speak, or hear the word podcasting – I can’t help but cringe. It’s a great word but knowing that everytime it’s used I’m furthering Apple’s corporate mission bothers me a bit. But not as much as the credit that’s given to Apple. This is not Apple’s success – RSS deserves all the credit!  It’s only through RSS that podcasting is possible, so let’s give a little more credit where credit is due eh?

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