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I know what email client you use…

Over the weekend I came across a Thunderbird extension that has spiced up my life in ways never imagined. Seriously. I read a lot of email in a day, so things like this are very amusing. With every message I view, there is a small icon representing the email client you used to send the message. If you’re still reading – that little icon is more than an email client, it’s an avatar. A little bit of you, wrapped up in a geeky user agent string. Outlook Express, Outlook, Exchange, the hierarchy of Microsoft email. Netscape, Mozilla, Thunderbird, open source gecko. A few via Novell and Eudora. And of course, pine – simplicity. You may want to refine the list of browsers – I found that Netscape was being misrepresented as Mozilla, but that’s a quick change. See the author’s site for more info.


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February 6, 2006 at 8:55 pm

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