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Feature Submission Success with WebCT Vista 3.06

I always feel great when a vendor listens to their users. Correction, I feel great when they listen to me. A few months back I suggested that WebCT should provide a means to programmatically specify forwarding email addresses for the Vista mail tool. For those unfamiliar, the Vista mail tool is similar to email but contained entirely within WebCT. Users can login to WebCT and specify a forwarding email address, but the icon to do this isn’t particularly obvious. If I wasn’t so lazy I’d take a screenshot. Anyhoo, Vista 3.06 was released earlier this week and forwarding email addresses can now be specified when creating users.

Now the issue (from my perspective) is to reply to the forwarded message from my email account and have it directed accordingly in Vista. Perhaps a reply-id could be added to all forwarded messages such that when Vista receives a reply containing the reply-id, the mail is then directed appropriately within the Vista mail tool?


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December 14, 2005 at 5:39 am

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